Thursday, January 4, 2018

Changing Planet...Unchanging Folly

Weather seems to have gone wild.  Like a bad science fiction film.

The North American east coast is experiencing an unprecedented cold blast.  Boston Harbor is flooded.  The flood waters will soon freeze in record low temperatures.  Meanwhile, the southern states are experiencing winter conditions alien to them.  Snow on palm trees.  Science fiction?  No more.  Science fact, alas, has caught up with science fiction.

As fossil fuel burning spews more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, global climate change has continued to intensify, doing possibly irreparable harm to the planet.  The glaciers melt.  The seas rise.  The gulf stream shifts.  Storms rage.  Warm air rises as Arctic air blasts southward.

Trump's answer:  More oil drilling, of course!  He's opened all America's territorial waters for oil drilling.  'Seems he won't be satisfied until the planet is destroyed.  Science fiction villainy?  No more.  This kind of suicidal madness is now business as usual.  The new sanity.

If true sanity is to reassert itself, it seems it can only come locally, from the ground up.  City by city.  State by state, committing to reduce carbon emissions.  It may already be too late.  But, if we're to save what remains, we must commit now.

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