Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When did we forget how to dream?

When did our nation forget how to dream? When did we lose our sense of wonder, our belief in our ability to reach for the stars? Our belief in our ability to be more than we are? Some say it died on 9/11. Some say it declined with the economy. Anyway, at some point, we woke up and found ourselves a nation of cynics.

Science fiction is the avatar of our ability to dream of soaring to distant horizons, of proving there is no limit for us save our willingness to try. Since the days of Jules Verne, scientific speculation and flights of fancy have inspired the human race to reach for the unreachable and expand our frontiers, both internal and external. In the turbulent but hopeful era of the late 1960's, Gene Roddenberry introduced us to the world of "Star Trek" a dream of a future in which war and petty divisions were but unpleasant memories, and a unified, enlightened human race reached out to boldly go where none had gone before. In those days, we dreamed of going to the moon, and we made it.

Where are our dreams and hopes now? Where is that starry-eyed calling to move forward into a better world through our own ingenuity? Where is the determination to invent electric cars, solar technology, orbiting microwave power satellites, magnetic bullet trains and other inventions that could free us from Arab oil and greedy, ecologically destructive oil corporations? Grubby, self-serving politics and accommodation with special interests has killed carbon emission regulations, along with all meaningful incentive for green technology innovation. And, the most tragic part is that there is little or no outcry from the public. They're too busy voting for conservative politicians who reject change in any form, whether it be universal healthcare or clean energy.

Is a nation in decline when it abandons all hope in a better future? I think so. You can see the sad evidence in today's science fiction. Or, rather, the lack of it. Where today are the Captain Kirks and Mr. Spocks, the futuristic heroes who inspired us to dream of better days and grand adventures through invention and enlightenment? Science fiction has dwindled, reflecting the flagging spirit of a nation that has lost its will to dream.

Once, we dreamed of flying to the stars. Now, we fight for maintaining the status quo. Once, we dreamed of gleaming futuristic cities on the moon. Now, we march wearing the costumes of 230 years in the past. Once, we aspired to greatness. Now, we aspire to smallness. Once, we dreamed of a future where diseases were conquered and everyone was equal and healthy. Now, we scoff at dreams of self-improvement and ask to see each other's passports. We don't want to move forwards anymore, it seems. Only backwards.

Is there a Gene Roddenberry out there somewhere who can remind us of how to dream?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

When the Apocalypse arrives...will anyone notice?

Science fiction films like '2012' and 'Day After Tomorrow' and science fiction stories like my novelette 'Meeting' depict apocalyptic futures involving mass flooding due to global climate change. In the real world today, science fiction is fast becoming science fact. Devastating floods continue in Pakistan and China, record breaking heat waves have triggered massive forest fires in California and Russia, as well as lethal droughts in Africa and Australia. An ice berg the size of Manhattan Island has broken off the polar ice cap and is drifting out to sea. Unprecedented events, these, and almost biblical in their devastating effect. But, not unexpected. Climatologists predicted decades ago that such things would happen, and they are right on schedule.

What is being done about this? Not much. The only meaningful legislation intended to fight climate change to pass through the U.S. Congress, after a long, bitter political fight has gone down in flames, essentially killing any hope of legislating reasonable emissions standards to slow global warming in the near future. The reason? Petty political bickering and entrenched special interests (namely, big oil) and politicians who value their own careers more than they do the world their children and grandchildren will inherit. So, as present trends continue, what can we expect to see in our daily lives? According to EPA studies: "longer heat waves that harm the sick, poor, and elderly; extreme weather events that can lead to death and injuries; and increases in ground-level ozone linked to respiratory illnesses like asthma."

So, the obvious question: Why does the public, even in the face of overwhelming and obvious evidence, remain skeptical that this world is rapidly running out of time? The obvious answer: They simply don't want to believe it. It's too difficult, and too inconvenient for the people to rise up and force the corporations to clean up their act and stop polluting our atmosphere with
CO2 and other dangerous greenhouse gases. After all...it might lead to more people getting laid off. As long as one can at least try to believe that the end is still a way's off...that "I'll be safely in my grave by the time the apocalypse comes" ...we can continue to live our lives comfortably watching reality TV, driving our gas-guzzling autos and blaming the Obama administration for everything.

So, what could we do, if we had the collective will? Plenty. According to leading scientists, the energy used to power, heat, and cool our homes, businesses, and industries and the fuel we use for transportation are responsible for more than 80 percent of global warming emissions in the United States. The major renewable energy alternatives (wind, solar, geothermal, bioenergy, and hydropower) combined could generate many times the amount of electricity the nation now needs. Several renewable energy technologies are available today, and others are projected to become commercially ready in the next twenty years. Wind power has the greatest near-term potential.

In short: It's not easy to convert our destructive civilization to a more ecologically benign one, but it can be done, and without destroying our economy. All it requires is the will of the people to speak out and motivate our legislators to do the right thing and stand up to the big-money corporate interests. The potential is there. But, time's running out.

I hope the epitaph of our civilization won't be: "We had other things on our mind."

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Age of Darkness?

"Flags" a science fiction novelette published by Lillibridge Press and now available on Amazon.com - paints a grim picture of a future in which the human race is one step away from destroying itself over racial, religious and ideological divisions. In real life, how far are we from this, here in the land of the free, where all men are created equal?

The growing hysteria over immigration in this country is becoming truly frightening. Gone is the America embodied in Lady Liberty standing tall and proud with her torch upraised, a shining beacon of hope and opportunity to all the world's peoples who hungered to breath free, unshackled by the tyrannies of the past. The America we seem to be degenerating into is one retreating behind a wall of fear and intolerance. Our growing chorus of reactionary activists envision a ridiculously huge fence sealing our immense border with Mexico, stretching out like the Great Wall of China. Impossible to build or maintain effectively, of course, but conservative politicians and demagogues continue to advocate it to appease the terrified masses. What next? A vast army sent to guard our Great Wall of Texas? Machine gun turrets? Mine fields? High voltage wires? How far are our conservative elements from advocating extermination camps for illegal aliens?

Sound far-fetched? Think about it. Some conservatives today are advocating deportation for anyone born in this country to a parent who was an illegal alien. One has to wonder how many generations back they would ultimately take this. Are any of us safe? And, of course, they would require everyone to produce identity papers. We seem to be slipping closer and closer to something resembling Nazi Germany. And, have you seen the political platform of the Texas Republican Party? It includes "Opposing all criminal or civil penalties against anti-gay activists and any actions they may take to oppose homosexuality out of faith, conviction, or belief in traditional values." If taken literally, that essentially means it would be legal to kill gay people at will. And, of course, the Texas GOP wants to get us the heck out of the U.N. Their platform can best be summed up as: "Attention foreign devils and anybody different from us, get out or we'll kill you." This platform is nothing new, of course; The Texas GOP has maintained it for years. What's scary is that the National GOP will not condemn or oppose it.

America is fast becoming a nation of xenophobes who want to close our doors to the outside world and reject all races, cultures and lifestyles that differ from our safe, comfortably familiar norm. The Islamic civilization took a similar turn back in the middle ages. Like us, they were once an open, enlightened, progressive society. Once they turned to xenophobia, their once vibrant culture stagnated, and they've been stuck ever since in the 10th century. That may well happen to us if present trends continue.


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Monday, May 31, 2010

Chaos Theory: Tales Askew

Check out "Chaos Theory: Tales Askew" a wonderfully unusual collection of FREE online speculative fiction. One of my stories "Genesis Cave" is in the current issue, along with some other fine and memorable tales of the bizarre. Happy Reading! http://www.genspace.com/ctta/

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rising Dark Tide

"Meeting" a novelette published by Lillibridge Press and now available on Amazon.com, deals with apocalyptic futures and ecological disaster.

Sadly, such things are coming true all around us every day. The ecological impacts of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico are getting worse by the day as an estimated 210, 000 – 2,520,000 gallons of filthy crude oil continue to poison the sea-water, moving toward the coast like some rising dark tide out of horror fiction. The spill, estimated to be over 130 miles long and 70 miles wide, will soon hit the coastlines of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, devastating local economies and threatening hundreds of species in the Gulf of Mexico, including endangered and rare species. All this of course comes on the heels of the recent coal mining tragedy in West Virginia. One of the worst coal mining disasters in history, though not the first of its kind. Or, probably, the last.

What more proof does this nation need that fossil fuels are killing us? It wasn't enough that 97% of the world's leading climatologists have been warning us for decades about the dangers of global warming? Or, that oil spills like the current disaster have happened before, and are continuing? Or, that the build-up of coal-ash sludge has threatened entire communities in coal mining states? Public opinion is shifting slowly, haltingly toward the development of clean, renewable energy, like wind and solar. (About bloody time!) But, it's not enough. New clean energy legislation making its way through Congress is a step in the right direction, but it's long overdue, and probably not strong enough. Such legislation seeks to compromise with the interests of big oil companies, whose interests are only in making a profit for themselves, not in protecting the environment or local economies.

The big fossil fuel interests have been allowed to grow far too powerful. Corporate oil money fills and poisons the political process like the oil slick fills and poisons the gulf. The governors and representatives of coal states toady for the coal companies. This will only get worse as the Supreme Court's monumentally disastrous decision to regard corporate political bribery as 'legitimate free speech' (What were they smoking?!!!) opens the flood gates for more corporate influence toward weakening already insufficient environmental protection standards.

The only way to fight corporate influence is through a groundswell of public opinion against the fossil fuel industries. It's not there yet. I hope it won't take more needless deaths or irreparable ecological and economic harm before the people rise up and vote en masse against an escalating disaster. It would be great if all that anti-banking and anti-corporate populist rage (well deserved at that) could focus against an even greater threat to our future: fossil fuels. Remember: no matter what we do, the oil wells will run dry in another 50 years. Coal will be gone in maybe 100 years, tops. We simply have to switch to renewable energy sources eventually. Common sense dictates we start now, while we still have an environment left to save. Before coal mining destroys the last mountain range and poisons the last river, before more oil slicks devastate coastal fishing and threaten our food supply, and before global warming decimates more populations with coastal storms, flooding and drought.

The Sierra Club, Greenpeace and many other environmental organizations are trying to fuel public awareness of these issues. I hope more people listen, before it's too late.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marginal Boundaries

Hey, check out the first issue of Marginal Boundaries, a fresh new face of unusual speculative fiction. I'm proud to say my short story "A Stitch in Time" is included in this fabulous first issue! http://www.marginalboundaries.com/issue-one/

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Humanity Splintered

"Flags," my latest science fiction novelette, is now available from "Lillibridge Press" - Read more about it in the Science Fiction section of the Lillibridge Press home page at www.lillibridgepress.com. It is also available at Amazon.com.

"Flags" is a story about humanity driven to the point of extinction in the future by racial, religious and ideological hatred.

Tragically, such things are not confined to fiction. In the real world, Iraq and Afghanistan are plagued by sectarian conflict and suicidal acts of mass murder driven by hatred of any who are of a different religion or creed. The people of Darfur struggle to survive the threat of genocidal war. The nation of Uganda is torn by hatred in one form or another. In the north of that country, the so-called Lord's Resistance Army carries on its campaign of terror, rape and murder, conscripting boys as young as 10, twisting their minds, destroying their innocence and forcing them to become killers. In the south, a law is being debated which, if enacted, could indiscriminately put innocent people to death solely on suspicion that their sexuality may differ from the norm. The most horrifying thing about this law, perhaps, is that it comes cloaked in religious piety, as hatred often does, pervading and perverting the very codes of religious morality, twisting a message of love into one of hate, and teaching bigotry to the next generation while calling it love.

Hatred born of fear of the unfamiliar, of the outsider...that seems to come so easily to the human heart. In an age of nuclear weapons, our hatred may be our undoing.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The True Nature of Evil

"Unholy Alliance" (a novelette published by Eternal Press and currently available through www.eternalpress.ca, Amazon.com and Kindle) is a horror story about a young man trying to discern the true nature of good and evil. He finds the distinction isn't as simple as he once believed.

A real-life horror story is being played out in these United States. The clear moral codes and values that once defined us as a nation and have seen us triumphantly through terrible wars have, it seems, been so clouded by fear and so compromised that they are almost meaningless.

Waterboarding. Sounds almost like a sport. (For some, perhaps it is.) It's actually another word for subjecting a human being to "simulated" drowning. Nothing simulated about it, really. The pain of suffocation is quite real. Waterboarding originated as a form of torture in the time of the Spanish Inquisition. After World War II, Japanese soldiers were prosecuted as war criminals for waterboarding American prisoners of war. Well, of course. Such barbaric acts go against everything this nation stands for. Right? Not according to former Vice President Dick Cheney:

"I'm a strong believer in it," Cheney told a National Press Club audience. "I thought it was well done." His former boss, President George W. Bush apparently didn't agree, as his administration banned waterboarding in 2003. President Obama has said waterboarding is torture and repugnant to American values. Cheney remains unconvinced. "I don't believe that we engaged in torture," he argued. (I'm almost afraid to envision what he would consider torture.)

Well, here's one possibility: According to reports out of the Bush administration, the U.S. military tortured a Saudi national at Guantanamo. The interrogators threatened to sick a dog on him, subjected him to sustained isolation, sleep deprivation, nudity, sexual humiliation and prolonged exposure to cold, leaving him in a "life-threatening condition." The man had to be hospitalized twice at Guantanamo with bradycardia, a condition in which the heart rate falls below 60 beats a minute and which in extreme cases can lead to heart failure and death. At one point his heart rate dropped to 35 beats per minute. Legal officials deemed this torture and blocked prosecution of the prisoner because of it. Other such prisoners have died of their beatings. Still not convinced, Mr. Cheney? It gets worse.

The U.S. news media have profiled cases of innocent people in many countries who have been literally snatched off the street for no other reason than the color of their skin or their religion, detained in secret prisons without charge or trial, where they were tortured, physically and psychologically for years on end. Our government's own files confirm this. Some people were simply "profiled" ; If they fit a religious, personal and/or ethnic profile attributed to potential terrorists by U.S. intelligence, they could be hauled in by local police or military hoping to collect U.S. bounties on "suspicious foreigners." Foreign cops and soldiers did the actual dirty work, but American military planes have been used to transport such victims to countries like Syria and Uzbekistan (countries infamous for torturing and killing political prisoners and gunning down peaceful protesters in their streets) for the purpose of torture. The torture would consist of severe beatings, for a start. At least one victim reported being taken to a room where he would hear other people screaming in agony nearby. He was kept in an underground cell 3 feet wide, 6 feet long and 7 feet high, for 10 straight months. He described it as being buried alive. Wait, it gets better.

Ever wonder what the corpse of a 35-year old father of four would look like after being burned on the legs, buttocks, lower back and arms? Sixty to seventy percent of the body was burned, overall. Doctors who saw the body reported that such burns could only have been caused by immersion in boiling water. Those who saw the body also reported that there was a large, bloody wound on the back of the head, heavy bruising on the forehead and side of the neck, and that his fingernails had been pulled out. We're just getting warmed up. People being raped with broken bottles. People having their children tortured in front of them until they sign a confession. People being boiled alive, according to a former United Kingdom ambassador to Uzbekistan. This was America and her allies? This is who we are? Time was such things were confined to Nazi concentration camps and Soviet gulags.

Mr. Cheney remains steadfast in his defense of such acts. How does he justify it? Quite simply. By remembering the horror of 9/11. "I looked at the world the morning after 9/11, and what I saw was 16 acres of ashes in downtown New York City," he recalled. "You could, if you looked closely enough on television, see footage of American citizens jumping out of windows on the upper stories of the Trade Center because it was better than being burned to death. Those individuals who wished us harm and who were prepared to kill thousands of Americans ... got what they had coming to them," he said.

The scar of that terrible day cut deep to the heart and soul of this country. We all wanted revenge. Revenge tempts and corrupts the best of us, like a drug. Once you're on it, there's little hope of getting off. And, it destroys us in ways no terrorist attack ever could. Not just by taking innocent lives or destroying buildings, but by destroying the values that make us who we are. That make us distinguishable from our enemies. And, we have survived many powerful enemies, from the British Empire to Hitler to the Soviet Union, and we have prevailed. Not in spite of our democratic and humanitarian values, but because of them. And, without resorting to torture. Now, Mr. Cheney and others like him would have us believe Magna Carta, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights...every thing that makes us who we are...are foolish luxuries we can no longer afford. Why? Because the enemy is Al Qaeda? What's Al Qaeda? A band of suicidal cut-throat fanatics hiding in mountain caves? We must give up 200 years of moral and legal tradition because of them? Are we so weak that so paltry an enemy can drag us down to their level so easily? One of our defining moral values, far deeper than constitutional law, is that when faced with a difficult decision, ask yourself: What would Jesus do? The answer usually is that the easy path is not the correct one.

Torture is easy. It's a surrender to the beast inside you, not unlike the surrender of those who line up to blow themselves up to kill us. Surrender to the hate and the darkness. It's so easy. What then, is left of our souls? What looks back at us from the mirror? Is there anything left to leave the next generation? Remember: dictatorships are safer from terrorists, to be sure. But, they never pass the test of time.

President Obama has vowed an end to the practices of torture. It's not likely to continue under his administration. But, he seems to be dragging his feet on closing Guantanamo, and he has not prosecuted U.S. intelligence officials responsible for torture. We may be just one election away from more secret prisons and torture chambers. The most frightening part of all this is that a large number of Americans couldn't care less. Maybe because they've conned themselves into believing that torturing people makes this country safer (even though not a shred of hard evidence bears this out.) Or, maybe they simply don't care about anyone different from themselves; a very common attitude. The Internet is flooded with angry posts from people who keep screaming that because the enemy does the same thing, why shouldn't we do it? America, the mirror of Al Qaeda. Is that our moral code now?

Remember...If there are no rules, if our intelligence agencies become secret police forces answerable only to themselves, then what stands between us and them? Who among our own population is safe, if his or her "profile" is suggestive of something that someone in power doesn't like? We've all seen the deadly results of police profiling. How long before secret prisons and torture chambers...perhaps even death camps...become the American way of life? Those in favor of the easy path obviously tell themselves: "Not my problem. They'll only come for those different ones. The weirdoes. The dissidents. The outsiders. I'm safe." Maybe until you attend a Tea Party rally. Or, they find something in your family history they don't like. There's always something. No one is safe.

"And, when they finally got around to me...there was no one left to protest." We've seen this all before.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

"Meeting" (a novelette published by Lillibridge Press, available at lillibridgepress.com, Amazon.com and Kindle) is the story of a man who falls through a seemingly magical trapdoor and finds himself in an alternative, fractured reality where nothing makes sense or is what it appears. He feels much like Alice after falling down the rabbit hole.

In real life, America seems to have fallen through a different kind of rabbit hole into a strange land where hope and vision seem to have fled. Where no one hopes, but only despairs. Where leaders don't lead towards anything new, only away from what is, because no one sees the good in anything, only the bad. Everything moves backwards, never forwards. The land of NoNoNo. The ruling elite of this strange kingdom call themselves, appropriately enough, the Tea Party. It seems much like the mad hatter's tea party where nothing makes any sense and everything is the exact opposite of what reason dictates. The Tea Party is not a political movement. "Movement" implies movement toward an envisioned goal, via a defining creed or philosophy. The Tea Party has no such vision. They just like to complain, and tear down whoever happens to be in office at the time. Off with his head! They do present potential candidates, I suppose, but not real candidates; just phantoms. A smiling snow queen who hunts wolves from the air, dreams of bombing countries into submission, and sees glaciers melt and polar bears drown, and insists nothing's wrong. A smiling dreamer who lives in his own private world where ideas and theories are real and reality is too bothersome to acknowledge. He'd like to take us magically back through time to the 19th century, where everything will be just great, where free enterprise, unfettered by big mean government will take us to paradise. These phantom candidates just fade away like the Cheshire Cat, until only their smiles remain. Most Americans don't believe these people are fit to lead us, yet the Tea Party embraces them. Or, pretends to.

So, what does the Tea Party want? Well, they say they want small family businesses to flourish. Well, a sensible way to work towards that would be to tax and regulate the big corporations and pour stimulus money into the small, struggling businesses, while keeping healthcare costs down by setting limits on the big insurers. Right? NoNoNo. In reply to that all-too-logical approach, the Tea Partiers rant and rave and call the president a Marxist, an Arab, a Leninist, elected only by illiterates. "No big government," they cry, oddly forgetting that every financial disaster this country has suffered for the past 30 years...from the deficits of the greed-maddened 80's, to the Enron and Imclone disasters to the escalating healthcare costs and recession we face now...has been the result of too little government regulation, not too much. Curiouser and curiouser. Like Alice in Wonderland, the Tea Party people want magical potions that can make things bigger or smaller. Trouble is, government getting smaller means corporations get bigger, and bigger, until they get too big to fail. Then, like dinosaurs, they collapse of their own weight and the people pay the price. The Republicans let it get to that point by removing all obstacles to corporate greed, year after year, after year. So, the people rebelled and voted for change. Now, that made perfect sense. Trouble was, the people thought all they had to do was vote, and that would fix everything. They didn't vote for a leader. They voted for a miracle worker. When they discovered he couldn't walk on water, or part the Red Sea, that he was, lo and behold, just a mere mortal who had to function in the same old political system of dealmaking and improvisation, when they saw him compromising and getting blocked by the established interests left and right, what did they do? Did they fight for him, get behind him, vote in more of his supporters to make him powerful enough to get more bills passed, to work toward cleaning up the mess? NoNoNo. They abandoned him after one year. Now, if they'd tried to form a third party, that would have been respectable, perhaps even visionary. But, NoNoNo. They just joined the mad dance at the mad hatter's tea party, knowing that the second they start to believe in something, that something could be torn down. An escape from reality, not unlike that other rabbit hole we fell through, back in the 1960's. (Except now, it's the parents fleeing reality, instead of the kids.)

So, what's next? Back to the madness that begat the madness? Then, when that brings no magical, easy answers, back again to the other way, again and again and again...forever? There'll only be light at the end of the rabbit hole when we realize there are no easy answers, and that hope is only the first step toward a long, hard road. Nobody ever promised it would be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. America started with a dream, but it took many years of hard work to make it a reality. I hope it doesn't end with a whimper of self-pity and a longing for swift, easy answers.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Global Warming

Not just the stuff of science fiction, global warming may be a real-life horror for our grand children's generation, afflicting them with drought, flooding, and the regional wars which may arise out of a growing scarcity of resources. Leaders of our military are already becoming concerned about the implications. The snow storms that just blanketed America were right on cue, according to predictions of severely changing weather patterns made years ago by climatologists measuring the long-term rate of global warming.

So, what's being done about it?

At the Copenhagen summit, the United States promised $1 billion to protecting tropical rain forests over the next three years. Tropical deforestation causes about 15 percent of the world's global warming pollution, and with these forests disappearing at the rate of 1 acre per second, protecting them is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to slow down climate change. This is a major commitment of short-term funding, but it's an important investment in the future, and a big step toward re-establishing the United States as a leader in fighting global warming.

More needs to be done, though. Like working toward seriously reducing our country's dependence on oil and coal, and transitioning our economy toward cleaner and more renewable sources of power like wind and solar. And, pushing for a strong EPA to safeguard our country's environment, no matter how loudly polluting corporations and their allies in state governments protest.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fiction Links

Hey, check out these links - You can read some of my published short stories - Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror; whatever strikes your fancy - and, you can check out some great sites. Enjoy!

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Hello, All, and welcome to my blog.
My name's Tom Olbert, and I have some stories I'd like to share.  If you're into the bizarre, speculative or otherworldly genres of modern fiction, I might have a few items you'd like to sample.

  My first published novelette "Meeting" an offbeat science fiction tale of fractured reality is now available from Lillibridge Press at  www.lillibridgepress.com.  And, at www.Amazon.com.

Another novelette of mine, "Unholy Alliance" a dark urban fantasy of vampirism, forbidden love, escape and revenge is now available from Eternal Press at  www.eternalpress.ca, Amazon.com and Kindle.
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