Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Future is Short; Grab it while you can...

The Future Is Short
Science Fiction in a Flash
Volume 3

New Anthology Release
January 30, 2017
Now available at major book sellers!
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Winners and other outstanding entries from 2015.
56 exciting flash fiction stories, with a beginning, a middle, and an end, providing mini escapes to extraordinary new worlds. Discover strange planets, unexplored places and times, and characters that demand you never forget them. 
Authors: Jot Russell, S. M. Kraftchak, Paula Friedman, J. J. Alleson, W. A. Fix, Andrew Gurcak, Jeremy Lichtman, Tom Olbert, Thaddeus Howze, Jon Ricson, Andy McKell, Kalifer Deil, Marianne G. Petrino, Gary Hanson, Dean Hardage, R. E. Jones, Ben Boyd, Jr., Elana Gomel, Heather MacGillivray, Jack McDaniel, Chris Nance, Carol Shetler, Helen Doran-Wu, Greg Krumrey.

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