Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Black Goddess

                     Paranormal Romance,
                            Intrigue and Reality Askew...
Check out my latest release from Mocha Memoirs Press:  BLACK GODDESS:
Joshua Sinclair, a deeply troubled Gulf war veteran desperately seeking answers volunteers for an illegal physics experiment that regresses his being into pure energy, projecting him backwards billions of years through time, towards the beginning of the universe.
 Reality shatters, ancient time periods and long-dead alien civilizations crashing through into our world. As people begin disappearing in inexplicable incidents defying the laws of matter, Joshua finds himself at the center of a government investigation, deadly covert agents closing in.
From the dark recesses of the sub-conscious mind to the furthest reaches of inter-galactic space, a dark quest for ultimate truth and ultimate evil could lead to the apocalypse. Or, straight into the mind of God…

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