Monday, October 8, 2012


Happy October, Horror Fans...

My latest short horror story "Hellshift", along with other chilling tales of the macabre by other fine writers, is now on sale at Mocha Memoirs Press:

             Preston Chandler is a lonely, overworked corporate office drone on the worst assignment of his life.  In the dark future world of Preston's time, low-level clerks like himself must serve a 1-year shift on a corporate mining colony on a hellish alien planet whose indigenous population has been wiped out by nuclear genocide.
He isn't safe even in his corporate offices, as dismembered human bodies begin turning up.  Preston fears he is losing his mind.  He desperately wants to return to Earth, but is trapped in an escalating nightmare.  Computerized psych-evaluation technology probes his mind with dehumanizing invasiveness.
Preston finally completes his assignment and is looking forward to returning home to Earth at last.  But will his Hellshift ever end?

The thing outside shrieked and howled, throwing its lengthy bulk against the side of the train.  The car rattled and shook.  He gasped, his blood running like ice water through his veins.  He saw it, moving with a hideous rapidity, crawling across the windows, its many clawed extensions wriggling and scraping across the glass like a gigantic centipede.  Preston heard it…felt it as it clambered onto the roof.  He screamed as it began tearing its way through, curved claws bending back the metal, long lashing tentacles snaking their way down in the flickering electric light.

Come share October with us at the Dark Mocha Bites series...If you dare.

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